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  1. alexheenan says:

    Alex Heenan
    Installing the PIC18F46920

    When attempting to download the files to run the pic kit from home the zip was downloaded but i had trouble when i tried to run the build.bat file. My computer generated a warning: as follows, “Windows smart screen prevented an unrecognized application from starting. Running this application might put your PC at risk.”
    Also i should mention that i’m using windows 8.
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks Alex

    • batchloaf says:

      Hi Alex,

      When the warning appears, is there something you can click on to say (basically something like) “It’s ok, go ahead and run the application anyway, even though it’s not recognised”? There’s usually a link or button or something that you can click to display additional options and bypass the warning.

      Can I just check though: Are you using the PIC18F4620 or the MSP430? You say you downloaded a zip file to install the PICkit, but I’m not exactly sure which zip file you mean. There is a zip file you download from to install the PICkit 2 application software, but that doesn’t contain “build.bat” so I just want to be sure which zip file you mean and which microcontroller you’re developing with.


  2. alexheenan says:

    Hi Ted

    I am using the PIC18F4620. I did download the zip with didn’t have the build.bat file it just had a file called build. I got a copy on a USB. thanks for the reply.

    • batchloaf says:

      Hi Alex,

      By default, when you display a folder’s contents in Windows, the file extension (for example “.jpg”, “.doc”, “.ppt”, “.bat”, etc) are not shown. However, they are still part of the filename and determine what you see shown as the file type. I’m not sure why they decided to make it this way – I think it’s very confusing. You can change the view settings for all folders to always display the full filename, which I recommend doing since it prevents much confusion over exact filenames.

      Anyway, the file “build.bat” is a batch file which is a type of executable file – it’s basically just a list of console commands stored in a plain text file. Unless you’ve changed your folder view settings, you’ll probably just see it displayed as “build” even though the full filename is actually “build.bat”. The file type will probably be shown as “Application” or “Batch file” or something like that.

      To be sure what the filename is, you can always open a console (command window) and cd into the folder which contains the file. Then type “dir” to list all files in the directory. The full filename, “build.bat”, should be shown.


  3. andreweast01 says:

    hey ted, im having trouble getting the code to come out in code format, will a screen shot of the code do instead? check my blog if dont understand what i mean

  4. Reuben Ecyon says:

    Is there any way I could get an email or phone number to contact?

    I’m in CIT (Cork) and starting a Raspberry Pi Society and would love to have a RoboSumo event next semester and open to ideas of combining or having an intervarsity event.

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