Some check list items for the final week of preparations…

The DIT 2018-2019 semester 1 RoboSumo Grand Tournament takes place on Wednesday 5th Dec 2018 at 2pm in room KEG-036. Ther following are some check list items that we discussed in today’s lecture:

  1. Make sure your robot is fully compliant at the weigh-in (500g, 10cm x 10cm). The size and weight limits will be applied very strictly and non-compliant robots will not be allowed to compete in the tournament.
  2. Your robot must be fully functioning and ready to weigh in and compete at 2pm on the day of the tournament. When one of the referees calls two teams to the arena, if one team presents a functioning robot and the other team fails to do so promptly then the functioning robot will be awarded a walkover victory.
  3. All robots must be submitted (with accompanying paperwork) for formal assessment at end of tournament. The tournament will therefore be your final opportunity to capture photos or videos of your robot that you can include in your blog.
  4. The deadline for RoboSumo blogs is 5pm on Friday 14th December 2018 (week 13).
  5. Please capture photos and videos of your robot competing in the tournament.
  6. If there are specific design features of your robot to which you would like to draw our attention during the formal design assessment, you have the option of securely attaching a 1-page feature guide to your robot when you submit it at the end of the tournament. Where such a sheet is provided, we will read it when we inspect and discuss your robot. If your robot has subtle or ingenious design elements that might pass unnoticed, this provides a simple way of ensuring that they will be taken into account.
  7. A set of rules for the tournament will be posted on before the day of the competition.

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