Example code for rangefinder testing

// HC-SR04 rangefinder testing - written by Ted Burke 11-4-2018

int echo_pin      = 2;
int trigger_pin   = 3;
int green_LED_pin = 4;
int red_LED_pin   = 5;

void setup()
  // Set i/o pins
  pinMode(echo_pin, INPUT);
  pinMode(trigger_pin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(green_LED_pin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(red_LED_pin, OUTPUT);

void loop()
  // Send trigger pulse
  digitalWrite(trigger_pin, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(trigger_pin, LOW);

  // Wait for 4ms (68cm return trip at speed of sound)

  // Check if echo pulse is still active
  if (digitalRead(echo_pin) == 1)
    // Echo pulse still active: no object within distance
    digitalWrite(green_LED_pin, LOW);
    digitalWrite(red_LED_pin, HIGH);
    // Echo pulse has ended: an object is within distance
    digitalWrite(green_LED_pin, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(red_LED_pin, LOW);

  // Wait 100 ms before triggering sensor again
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