RoboSumo Tournament Results – Semester 1 2015-2016

Congratualtions to team “King Bryan” winners of this semesters RoboSumo Grand Final!

Well done to all other teams who presented a working robot on the day. We were delighted to see so many great robots and there’s no doubt that a huge amount of hard work went into preparing for the big day.

The top 3 teams were:

  1. King Bryan
  2. Wii Not Fit
  3. AlphaBot

The full ranking for all 25 competing teams is shown below.


  • C: Compliant, AC: Almost Compliant, NC: Not Compliant
  • Quarter-finalists who did not progress to a semi-final are ranked in the same order as at the end of the bubble sorting phase of the competition.
  • Teams marked as AC (almost compliant – less than 600g and fitting inside a 110x110mm footprint) were allowed to compete, but were not allowed to progress into the top 8 and were therefore ineligible to compete in the knockout phase of the competition.
1 King Bryan (Team 24 C)
2 Wii Not Fit (Team 17 C)
3 AlphaBot (Team 4 C)
4 Mr Tractor (Team 27 C)
5 Galahad (Team 14 C, formerly Nearly)
6 Cricket (Team 25 C)
7 Legs > Wheels (Team 20 C)
8 KnexBot (Team 11 C)
9 The Asimovs (Team 16 AC)
10 SnowBot (Team 2 C)
11 Supercharge (Team 8 C)
12 Rolling House (Team 21 C)
13 Toothless (Team 6 C)
14 Tutankhamen (Team 1 C)
15 MAD (Team 15 C)
16 G-wizz (Team 13 AC)
17 Almal3onat (Team 29 C)
18 DFB (Team 19 C)
19 DRRB (Team 9 C)
20 Borat (Team 11 C)
21 The Cardashians (Team 28 AC)
22 Slug (Team 7 C)
23 Pending (Team 5 AC)
24 Akinori (Team 26 C)
25 DPS (Team 22)
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