ECIT Race to Wall update

On Friday 20th November 2015 the East China University of Technology had 100% success in the Race to the wall task with all teams completing the challenge. The goal, just as in the Dublin challenge was to develop an autonomous robot that races to the wall, reverses when a micro-switch was pressed and then returns to a black line where the robot should stop.
Winning times for this challenge ranged from 4.13 seconds to 16 seconds. Here is a table of results.
Robo Sumo ECIT
The winning team for this task was Team 2. Team 2 members  陈铖 Chen Cheng, 钟天运 Zhong Tianyun and  韩可凡 Han Kefan  are pictured below.
Congratulations Team 2 and best of luck to everyone in the next challenge!
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