DT066 RoboSumo blog deadline: 10pm this Friday 1st May 2015

The deadline for the DT066 RoboSumo blogs is 10pm this Friday 1st May 2015.

Hopefully, you’ve been using your blog to document your work as you went along, in which case you only need to document your experiences at the final tournament and then put a few finishing touches to the site. However, if you weren’t blogging as you went along then you have some important work to do now to rescue your grade for the project!

In addition to the 25% assessment component for the quality of the blog itself, what you write provides important evidence for two other assessment components: your individual contribution to the group work process (25%) and your individual contribution to the technical attainment of your team (25%). No matter how hard you worked on the project, if you don’t tell us about it on your blog then don’t be surprised if you get a low grade.

The kind of things that produce highly graded RoboSumo blogs include:

  • Clear written descriptions of what work you have carried out.
  • Clear descriptions of the group process. What decisions did you make? How did you make decisions as a team? What problems or priorities did you identify?
  • Minutes of your team meetings.
  • Explanation of your robot’s strategy or design concept.
  • Design sketches.
  • Circuit diagrams.
  • Original technical diagrams / illustrations.
  • Results of any tests you carried out on the robot or its subsystems, including measured currents, voltages, mass, speed, times, etc. using correct units. Use graphs and/or tables where appropriate.
  • Description of algorithm / robot logic, for example using flow charts or state tables.
  • C code you have written. Include a neatly formatted listing of every program you write for the robot – not just the final battle code.
  • Photos of whatever you built or work you carried out.
  • Videos of your robot or work you carried out.
  • Clear explanations of background information or theory relevant to the robot design.
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