€2.50 breadboards available today

Most of the bulk order I placed for mini breadboards has arrived, so I’m ready to pass them on to any teams that want one (or two). Remember that the breadboard you received in the original RoboSumo kit belongs to the school and you are expected to return it over the next week or so. In the past, breadboards have been difficult or impossible for us to recycle, so that’s why we require teams to use their own breadboard in their robot. For the convenience of teams and to save on postage and packaging, I placed a large enough order to supply every team with at least one.

If you want one of these, you just need to cover the cost of it, which (give or take a few cent) worked out at €2.50. Please note that this is basically the cost price – i.e. it’s not for profit and there are no discounts. I don’t currently have any change, so if you want to purchase one today, please pay in exact change. If you can coordinate with other buyers to pay for an even number of breadboards (i.e. a multiple of 5 euro) that would be convenient for me.

You may prefer to source your own breadboard, which of course it fine. However, I doubt you’ll find a better breadboard at this low price, especially at the perfect size for RoboSumo.

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