RoboSumo robots available for collection again on Friday from 2-3pm in room KEG-003

If you didn’t get a chance to collect your RoboSumo robot today and you want to pick it up on Friday instead, I’ll have all the remaining ones with me in room KEG-003 from 2-3pm on Friday. There will be a workshop in progress there at the time, so please don’t make too much of a racket coming in!

I’ll be around Kevin St from 11am-1pm tomorrow (Thursday) also, but I’m not sure exactly where I’ll be. By all means knock on my office door (KE1-001) if you’re passing and want to grab your robot (or drop off your LaunchPad). I can’t guarantee I’ll be there, but you might be in luck.

By the way, any robots that aren’t collected by their owners will simply continue sitting on my shelf until at least after the Christmas holidays, so if it doesn’t suit to come and get it this Friday that’s not a problem.

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