RoboSumo robots available for collection tomorrow (Wednesday 10th Dec) from 2-3pm

Myself and the other RoboSumo tutors will be carrying out our design assessment of all the RoboSumo robots tomorrow morning, so those teams who wish to reclaim their robot can do so tomorrow afternoon from 2-3pm at my office, which is room KE1-001. That’s the very last office on the right on the 1st floor corridor in the main building in Kevin St.

I’m guessing most teams will have considerable difficulty deciding who gets to put the robot on top of his/her Christmas tree.


I’m not sure whether all teams returned their MSP430 LaunchPad on the day of the competition. If you still have yours we need to get it back. I am aware that some people are already using their LaunchPad for other interesting projects. If that’s the case, we’re open to leaving a small number of them with people who are making good use of them, but we do need to get most of them back to give out to the new RoboSumo teams next semester. If you have any other parts (e.g. motors) left over from the kit we gave you at the start, we’ll be happy to get those back also.

Incidentally, anyone who wishes to purchase their own LaunchPad can get one for around €10 from Radionics or Farnell. It usually arrives very quickly and you get a couple of microcontroller chips with it. If you do buy one and you’re having any trouble using it to make whatever your making, I’m very happy to help out if I can – just send me an email or drop into the RoboSumo lab after Christmas. In fact, if RoboSumo gave you any bright ideas about something you’d like to build but you’re not quite sure how to get started, don’t be afraid to get in touch – I’m sure I probably speak for all the RoboSumo tutors when I say we’ll be happy to help if we can.

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