RoboSumo lab starts at 2pm this week for Race to the Wall

Hi All,

The Race to the Wall takes place tomorrow afternoon from 3-6pm, so we have decided to skip the 1-hour lecture and go straight to the labs at 2pm so that teams have an extra hour to work on their robots.

I have been meeting with a lot of teams over the last few days (and exchanging emails with others about technical problems) and I’m really impressed with the level of commitment that people are showing to getting their robots ready for the challenge. To go from being complete beginners a few short weeks ago to designing and building a working autonomous robot for tomorrow’s race is a significant achievement! If you do complete the challenge tomorrow (which I hope that most of you will) you can pat yourself on the back for reaching a major milestone on the road to becoming an engineer.

By the way, don’t panic if your robot isn’t working yet. Hopefully, we’ll be able to help you iron out any remaining issues tomorrow afternoon.

The teams aren’t the only one who have been busy preparing for tomorrow. The RoboSumo tutors have been busy too. As well as advising teams who are having difficulties, we’ve rebuilt the laser timing system for millisecond accuracy and made other preparations for weighing and measuring the robots and recording the results. We’ve also been building a few robots of our own, so I think there might be a few extra competitors on the day 😉

We’ll be setting up the laser timing system in room KEG-036 around noon tomorrow, so all time trials will take place in that room, even if your group is based in another room.

Best of luck to all of you!


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