List of robots verified as compliant

The following robots have been verified as compliant with the Race to the Wall restrictions on dimensions and mass (10 cm x 10 cm footprint and 500 grams):

  1. Wing Man
  2. The A-Team
  3. Scooby Cube
  4. The Speedsters
  5. The Resistor
  6. Monty
  7. Mad Maxine
  8. Michael
  9. Fight Club
  10. Noisy Boy
  11. Hexy Baby
  12. Star Scream
  13. Wall-E
  14. JD
  15. Future Engineers
  16. Cyberdyne

To add your robot to the list, please ask a tutor to measure and weigh your robot at the weigh-in table in room KEG-036.

Printable A4 robot dimension verification chart:

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