Safety First!

While working on your robot you will be using a variety of tools to complete tasks. It is paramount that you place your safety and the safety of your colleagues above any desire to complete a task.

The Golden Rule: You are responsible for acting in a safe manner at all times. You also have a responsibility to your class colleagues to warn them if they are acting in an unsafe manner.

Guide to acting in a safe manner

The following notes outline some actions you can take to help you act in a safe manner – but remember that you must assess each activity you plan to undertake in order to identify the risks involved; if you are unsure how to proceed safely you must contact a tutor/technician before proceeding any further.

  • When soldering always use safety glasses.
  • When using a drill, screwdriver, saw, soldering iron etc. ensure that the object you are working on is kept steady; if possible secure the item to the bench with a clamp in order to keep both hands free.
  • When using any tool in which dust or small fragments are likely to be produced, always wear safety glasses.
  • When working outside of supervised laboratory times do not undertake any activity that you are not absolutely confident in undertaking safely.
  • Keep your work area free of unnessary items. (Bags should be placed out of the way under the benches; Tidy away any unused equipment).
  • Set the current limit on any power supply to the minimum required.
  • When using a drill, screwdriver, saw, soldering iron etc. ensure that when you apply a force to the tool that that force is away from your body.
  • When using a drill, screwdriver, saw, soldering iron etc. ensure that your colleagues are at a safe distance in case the tool slips.
  • When using any electrical tools ensure that all leads are out of the way of your work.
  • When soldering, be aware that the tip of the soldering iron reaches very high temperatures (200 degrees celcius +) and can cause severe burns very quickly; keep the iron in its stand while not in use.
  • When soldering, use an extractor fan to keep fumes away from your nose and mouth.

About dadorran

I'm a lecturer in DIT, Dublin, Ireland teaching signal processing, programming and micro controllers
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