Fast / slow blinking LED example for MSP430 and switch

This is a simple switch input example for the MSP430G2553. A pull-down resistor keeps digital input pin P2.3 at 0V normally. However, when the switch is pressed, the pin is short-circuited to 3V. The program running on the MSP430 blinks and LED on and off. The duration of the delay between flashes is controlled by the state of P2.3.

Thanks to David Coyle and Conor Mahony for lending me their switch circuit and code.

MSP430 switch input example circuit

// Blinking LED example for MSP430G2553 or MSP430G2452
// Written by David Coyle & Conor Mahony - Last modified 7-2-2014
// LED blinks fast or slow depending on whether P2.3 is high or low
#include <msp430.h>
int main( void )
    int sw;
    WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD; // Disable watchdog timer
    P1DIR = 0b00000001; // P1.0 is an output, P1.1-7 are inputs
    P2DIR = 0b00000000; // P2.0-7 are inputs
    // Main loop repeats forever
        // read switch state (P2.3) into a variable
        sw = P2IN & 0b00001000;
        P1OUT = 0b00000001; // LED on
        P1OUT = 0b00000000; // LED off
        if (sw == 0) __delay_cycles(500000);
        else __delay_cycles(100000);
    // The program never actually reaches this point
    return 0;

Photos of circuit:

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