2013-2014 Teams

Monday teams:

Thursday teams:

Friday morning teams (DT009):

Friday afternoon teams:

Pending further information:


19 Responses to 2013-2014 Teams

  1. sayedhayad says:

    this is my blog : sayedmahdihayad.wordpress.com

    • batchloaf says:

      Hi Sayed,

      Which team were you on? From your blog it appears that you were on a team with Nayef and Ali. Why are none of you shown in the list above? Did none of you have your blogs set up at all until now?!


  2. micka5444 says:

    Hi john Its Michael O’Brien DT009 i am in team Wingman
    this is my Blog


  3. obrienben says:

    This is my wordpress account.
    I am on team Michael with Eoghan Byrne.

    • batchloaf says:

      Thanks Ben, I’ve added your blog link to the list. By the way, I need to check about your Industrial Computing project, but I’ll email you about that now.


  4. dylandelaney says:

    This is my blog: http://dylandelaney.wordpress.com
    Also our team is not up , we were Friday afternoon and our team was ABD.
    Apologies for the late notice, I was told that this had already been resolved.
    the other members of my team are Basel and Aziz.
    I know that this message is after the deadline but I can assure you the blogs were not.
    Kind Regards,

    • batchloaf says:

      Thanks Dylan. Do you have links for your teammates’ blogs? We’re likely to assess most (hopefully all) of the blogs tomorrow, so if they want a blag mark they need to give us the links! It’s likely to do a lot of damage to their overall mark if there’s no blog to provide us with evidence of their individual contributions.


  5. Hi

    This is my blog : http://abdalazizmohammed.wordpress.com

    My team : A.B.D
    With Dylan and Bassel

    • batchloaf says:

      Thanks Abdalaziz. If yourself and Dylan can let Basel know that we need his blog link urgently as well that would be appreciated. We’ll probably be marking them all tomorrow (Tuesday) so it’s important that his is available to us or the effect on his mark will be very negative.


  6. Hi Deved and Ted how are you i hope you are fine iam so sorry to begging late i am in the hospital and i have to do surgery because of that i didn’t finished my blog if you want i will attach some paper from my doctor and i wish accept my blog with a much appreciation…

    • batchloaf says:

      Hi Dhari. Unfortunately, the RoboSumo assessment is now complete and the marks have been entered into the database, so it’s too late to submit additional material. Since the blog is supposed to be set up at the beginning of the semester and updated regularly throughout the RoboSumo project, a doctor’s note probably won’t be relevant unless it covers a very large percentage of the module, in which case.a student would probably need to defer the entire module.

      If you have material on your blog already, I suppose there’s no harm supplying us with the link so that we can consider whether it should be taken into account at the exam board. Maybe it could make a difference. Please email the link to your blog to myself and David as soon as possible so that we can check it.


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