Please read RobotChallenge rules carefully before tomorrow’s tournament

All competitors in tomorrow’s annual DIT RoboSumo tournament are strongly encouraged to read the RobotChallenge rules carefully in advance. As stated in those rules, provision is made for modification of the rules by local competition organisers. In tomorrow’s tournament, the rules applied will be those for the Mini Sumo weight class, as stated in the RobotChallenge rules document, with the following special provisions:

  1. The infrared starting mechanisms described in the RobotChallenge rules will not be used. Instead, one team member from each team will start the team’s robot manually, on the referee’s instruction. After starting the robot, all team members must withdraw to a safe distance for the duration of the bout, or until the referee gives permission to return to the table (for example in the event of a bout being restarted).
  2. The dimensions of the arena may differ slightly from those described in the RobotChallenge rules. In particular, the arena may be larger and the white boundary strip may be wider than that described in the RobotChallenge document. Competitors will have an opportunity to survey the arena prior to the beginning of the competition.
  3. Since every contingency cannot be anticipated, the organisers reserve the right to modify or adjust the rules at any time should the need arise. Furthermore, in all cases, the rules will be applied entirely at the referee’s discretion. What the referee says goes!
  4. UPDATE: Each round in the competition will have a maximum duration of 60 seconds. In the event that both robots remain in the ring at the end of a round, the winner will be the robot whose farthest point is closest to the centre of the ring. This will be measured using a photo finish facility.
  5. UPDATE: During the sorting stage of the competition, each match will consist of a single round. At the beginning of the knockout stage of the competition (quarter-final, semi-final, final), the referee will decide the number of bouts in each match.

RobotChallenge web site:

RobotChallenge rules document (PDF):

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