Congratulations to the RoboSumo Winners!

Congratulation to all four of the winning 2012 RoboSumo teams (listed below). A big thank you to all of the other teams for your hard work leading up to the competition. Hopefully you enjoyed it as much as we did! We were very impressed by some of the work we saw on display at the competition this year, so give yourselves a pat on the back.

I believe that the RoboSumo module covers a huge amount of really important learning in electrical engineering, both in terms of technical content (microcontrollers, sensors, motors, etc) and in terms of teamwork, project planning and other transferable skills. It feels like a real privilege to teach on this module and I learn a lot myself every year. Also, we see a lot of students’ RoboSumo skills resurfacing in later years and especially in the final-year project, which reassures us that people are getting something useful from it.

We’ve had very useful feedback from some of the participants about things they thought worked well this year and improvements we can make for next year. We always welcome feedback, since we try to get things running a little more smoothly every year. If you have suggestions of your own, you can leave a comment here or let us know in person.

Ok, here are the winners:

1st Prize: Team FRANK

  • Eamos Fennell (DT009/2)
  • Stephen Hanney (DT009/2)
  • Karl Lawlor (DT009/2)

It was clear from the outset that Team Frank were serious about producing a great robot. They went through a couple of iterations before settling on this solid design. A great consistent performer and deserving overall winner!

2nd Prize: Team C.A.K.E.

  • Gian Lorenzo DT009/2
  • Paul Leamy DT009/2
  • Chris Burke DT009/2

Team C.A.K.E. displayed great innovation skills throughout the module and constantly pushed the boundaries to explore new ideas. They displayed originality in various aspects of their work, including software and fabrication. A really good team effort.

Design Prize: Team PALM5

  • Aidan Heffernan (DT009/2)
  • Kyle Lawson (DT009/2)
  • Michael Kennelly (DT009/2)

The RoboSumo teaching team were unanimous in their decision to award Palm 5 the design prize. It was an awesome piece of work from an ambitious and highly competent team. Having decided on a novel strategy of limiting the height of the robot, this team devised a series of ingenious solutions to achieve  that objective. There was a lot to like about the design of this robot, but the horizontal mounting of the colour sensors was particularly clever. A really impressive piece of engineering – keep an eye on these guys in the future!

Design Prize runner-up: Team HERBIE

  • Darren McGurrin  (DT009/2)
  • Paul McCarron  (DT009/2)
  • Jason Young  (DT009/2)

Herbie emerged as another favourite of the teaching team when we were judging the design prize. The build quality was fantastic both inside and out, which was just as well because this team had to remove their protective cover to meet the weight restriction on the day of competition. Even without the cover, it still looked terrific and performed very well.

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