A very simple PIC18F4620 example

This is a very simple example program for the PIC18F4620 microcontroller. It just toggles the voltage on pin 19 (RD0) every 400ms to flash an LED on and off. This code is for Microchip’s C18 compiler. The circuit to use with this example is shown after the code listing.

// Very simple PIC18F4620 example
// Written by Ted Burke (ted.burke@dit.ie)
// Last update 8-2-2012

#include <p18f4620.h>
#include <delays.h>

// Use internal oscillator. Disable reset pin,
// watchdog timer and low voltage programming.
#pragma config OSC = INTIO67
#pragma config MCLRE = OFF
#pragma config WDT = OFF
#pragma config LVP = OFF

void main(void)
	// Set RD0-3 as digital outputs, RD4-7 digital inputs
	TRISD = 0b11110000;

	// Keep flashing an LED on pin RD0 indefinitely
		LATDbits.LATD0 = 1; // Set RD0 high
		Delay10KTCYx(10);   // delay for 10x40ms
		LATDbits.LATD0 = 0; // Set RD0 low
		Delay10KTCYx(10);   // delay for 10x40ms

Here’s the circuit:

Circuit diagram for connecting the PICkit 2 to a 18F4620 microcontroller

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